EcoSystem Project

At Hashguard, we're building the future of data privacy and security. Our vision is to enable every individual and business to regain control of their digital information, with a focus on security, simplicity and uninterrupted data access. We aim to eliminate concerns about data loss due to hardware failure, hacker attacks or human error.

Technical approach

To realize this vision, we use cutting-edge technologies such as asymmetric encryption to ensure that only authorized people have access to your data, and blockchain to ensure data integrity. We've also introduced account abstraction (EIP4337), a revolutionary innovation that eliminates the time-consuming management of credential's keys. With Hashguard, you don't have to worry about losing keys - we take care of it for you. We're determined to offer a decentralized storage solution that's both secure and accessible to all, where your data remains truly yours, anytime, anywhere.

Year of Joining Ecosystem


Data Storage and Management